For public safety reasons, many states, cities, and municipalities are forcing restaurants and bars to close.

We know this means you’re facing decisions you never thought you would need to make. Laying off staff, cutting hours, or worse — closing your store.


Some of our competitors add “service fees” and then take a percentage of each order.


We think that’s a pretty shitty way to gouge restaurants when they’re desperate.

Our service fee per order?

Our percentage per order?

Because that’s how things should be.

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Mom N Pop
Per month
600 Orders
20,000 visitors
Custom domain
Mobile friendly design
About $0.38 per order
Per month
4,000 orders
120,000 visitors
Custom domain
Mobile friendly design
About $0.24 per order

You can also pay as you go

Small Plate
Flat Rate
40 Orders
1,500 visitors
Custom domain
Mobile friendly design
$0.80 per order
Big Plate
Flat Rate
200 orders
8,500 visitors
Custom domain
Mobile friendly design
$0.50 per order

$549, one time, per location. This includes a custom ordering domain setup (usually something line “orderonline.yourwebsite.com”). This includes…

  • A service area map (for delivery, if applicable).
  • Support portal for orders.
  • Your store address, phone number, and hours.
  • ADA compliant setup.
  • SSL (for security)
  • Payment terminal setup (we recommend Stripe or Authorize.net)
  • Correct schema tags for everything we input.
  • Sorted menu, by appetizers, salads, specials, salads, soups, etc. You know the drill.
  • Menu photos (if you have them).

We charge $3.00 per menu item, but here’s the cool part: You can totally do it yourself, and we can show you how. So, if you want to save money, we’ll walk you through how to input your own menu.

It’s easy to change prices, add sizes, toppings, and notes for each item on your menu.


If you want to charge a fee for delivery, or pickup, you can do that. It can be a percentage, flat rate, or you can even make it free. Whatever is right for your business.

What you need:

We recommend an iPad or an Android Tablet in store, but you can also use just about any computer with a web browser. Our application is a web app, so there is no app to download. We also recommend a screen protector. There is a sweet spot in Android tablets with fast processors that are priced around $149-189. If you want recommendations, we’re happy to offer a few.

*Your delivery drivers will also have access via their mobile phones, so they can see the customer name, phone number, and verify the order on delivery.

Need a larger capacity? Something custom made?

Let’s talk about it.

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What you get

What we don't offer

This is a simple, quickly and easy delivery and to-go application. This isn’t Uber Eats, or Grubhub. We’re a lower cost option, that you manage yourself.

Do we have one of those fancy tracking things were you can see where your driver is? No.

Do we offer direct calls to your delivery person? Nope.

Do we have a customer service center that handles all your phone calls? Absolutely not. You handle your own customer service.

What's COOL

Here’s what’s cool about owning your own platform: All your customer data? You keep it. Our competitors that charge service fees, and percentages of every order? They aren’t allowing you access to the email addresses and phone numbers of your customers.

If someone orders from your restaurant, you can send them an email (and we’ll help you integrate with Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc) letting them know what specials you have, if you’re adjusting your hours, etc.

Remarketing works.

Everyone has questions


How long does it take to get started?

Assuming you have all your items in order, uploaded, including descriptions, prices, and add ons, we can turn around your portal in 48 hours.

How does the monthly payment work?

You pay for your setup, and your first month to start. If you go over your order total, we’ll alert you when you reach 80% of your monthly total. If you go over, it’s no big deal. We charge a flat $0.45 for every order over your monthly plan.

Can I cancel at any time?

You got it. You pay one month in advance, so if you decide to cancel, it’s no big deal. There is no long term contract.

How do my customers pay?

We recommend using Stripe or Authorize.net. Customers can pay with any major credit card. You simply link your business bank account, and you get payouts 24-48 hours after the order is placed.

How hard is it to train my staff to use it?

Our online training is included in the price. It takes 45 minutes. Seriously. It’s easy. We’ll show you how to do everything, and if you need help, just call us. We want to make sure you’re happy.

What if I need something for bigger orders, like catering?

If you need help with doing larger catering orders, we can help you price and add those items, as well as getting your scheduling done.

How does the delivery service work?

Your customers pay online, they give us their address and phone number, and then you let your staff use the magic of Google Maps to deliver to their home or office. Customers choose their gratuity at checkout.

More questions?

Contact our customer team, we’re here to help.

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